Mini Rant…

One of the most annoying most frustrating things to me while driving is when another person is driving while texting or using the phone.

And I mean ladies.

No I’m not being sexist, its just that, personally, all the bad experiences I have had have been with women. Simply because most of them cannot multi-task like that.

From my experience driving in 4 different states, they almost always do the same thing:

1. Speed or drive super slow

2. Never use turn indicators

3. Make the worst decisions (bad turn)

4. Late reaction times

I don’t want to sound sexist but to this day, I have never had bad experiences with men, only women. (I say this because most of my followers are females)

In other news, engineering is getting super hard and the stress levels are growing. I’m becoming weaker and exhausted. Just a year left but its most likely going to take the life out of me

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  • #Oh Allah give me patience and success. #I desperately need it
  • 2 years ago
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